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Vincent Astor Offers His Pool to Franklin D. Roosevelt
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TitleVincent Astor Offers His Pool to Franklin D. Roosevelt
CreatorVincent Astor
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
ContributorsThomas Lynch
S. M. Ward
DescriptionCorrespondence regarding FDR using the indoor heated swimming pool at Astor Courts while he served as Governor of New York.
NotesA series of correspondence begun by Poughkeepsie attorney Thomas Lynch. These letters offer a glimpse into the friendly relationship between Astor and Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt was known to seek hydrotherapy treatments for his polio and Vincent Astor's neighboring Astor Courts featured the first indoor heated swimming pool in America.
Swimming pools
Subject.lcshAstor, Vincent, 1891-1959
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Personal NameVincent Astor
Franklin D. Roosevelt
LocationAlbany - New York
Rhinebeck - New York
New York - New York
HRVH TopicsPresidents & Politicians
Resource TypeText
SourceFranklin D. Roosevelt Papers as Governor of New York. Box 3. Folder As
Resource IdentifierC-NYGov-B3Fas_astorpool.pdf
Publisher.DigitalFranklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Holding InstitutionFranklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Contact Information4079 Albany Post Road
Hyde Park, NY 12538
Rights Items selected from the Roosevelt Library collections for posting on the HRVH website are in the public domain. Please credit the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.
TranscriptTHOMAS M. LYNCH POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. January 26, 1929. Hon. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor, Executive !"ansion, .Alb any , n. Y. Dear Frank: On my way to 1~e w York City on luonday last I met Vincent Astor of Rhinebeck. He was inquiring for you and was very much interested as to how you were getting on. In the course of our conversation he suggested that I convey to you his best 1J1.Tishes, and requested me to say to you that his swimming pool at Rhinebeck was at your disposal any time you cared to use it. His only suggestion was that.., -ou advise them a bout five d.ays in advance so that they may have it available for your use. Thought you might wish to write and thank him for tis generous offer. Am so sorry to learn that you have been laid up and trust you are feeling better. Of course I assume you have learned that it is possible at times to conduct t he business of the great State of New York with efficiency and dispatch from the 3xecutive lhansiou almost as well as from the Executive Chamber. Am so pleased to learn that James is improving. Plan to be in Alb~ny the week of the 28th and hope to see you soon. " i th my best to all THL/B Vincent :- 2on Lynoo w.a wr., ton co of gou.r u.lly nioo oftor to WJO :rolll" ·n. ) OOle 1 lbrmy 1oro.1on r :. linobeck o Olll o tor. tod r.10 '100 t: ( t... 11 , , t i t.10 not d of G ool v.s.Mlt i;:;~ o ou ot tho on- :t to po. d ~ oo ::enda.thi 'pring _ ru_..i oo ni J.y J all toke o of your o:r r. t 111 o. 1fllll., . 100 to oe yo11 o.n · soo. f on t'.'.. ra in lb ; Yincont stor, Es q., Phinebeck, 1 ew l n;J'8 inoeroly, The Hon. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor, State of New York, Albany, New York Hy dear Governor Roosevelt: Your letter of January 29th, directed to Mr. Astor at Rhinebeck, was forwarded to this office, and r eached me only this morning. Mr •• stor i s at present in Palm Beach, but e)(9ects ta return to New York this week, at vnich time I shall, of course, be glad to present your letter to him. Yours sincerely, J 1h ' 1~ cu--J /. \ Secretary. VINCENT ASTOR NC? 23 WEST 26T~ STR ET Dear Frankl in: Having been away in Florida for the last ten days, I have only just read your letter, \lh i ch c erta:i nly delights me vii th the knowled"'e that you w:i 11 really put my pool to some use tb.:i s spr:i ng. Somehow or other, I have always taken it for 0 ranted that you v1ou.ld use the thing if you ever felt so inclined; and if ever in the past you have not done so simply because I have not reminded you of its existence, I can only tell you that I feel thoroughly ashamed. ;_ s Helen a.:.J.d I e.xpect to fP a bro ad next month, and may remain away until the end of June, I shall, of course, tell 1Tr. Pinkham (the Superintendent of the place) to have the buj ldmg ready for you., / but it probably would be sonewhat of a help to him - the first time you. come - if you could have some one in your office give him quite a lot of notice, even as much as a week, as it always seerrs to take a surprisingly long time to get the water filtered a.11d heated, etc. Pinkham should also be told what temperature you wish ihe pool to be. It can be heated to any extent and degree, but, ~ithou.t thjs :information, you might, on you.r first dive, find yourself almost boiled or very nearly frozen! I have been upon occasion. I ex:9ect that b, now you oe completely tired and generally fed up 17Hh con.:.ratulat:i ons on all that you have done, but nevertheless the very next t:ime I find ~ysel~ near Albany, I indeed shall take you at your word, and look up you and Eleanor. Until then, my best to both of you. VA:SW The Hon. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor, State of New York, Albany, New York. sincerely, 9 23 WEST 26T_t1 S T REET 1){lc, ~J. October 18th, ;/, 9 29, Dear Franklin: Gerry has just shown me your letter to him in regard to yo~r hopes for the further development of , farm Springs, Georgia, althou~h the descriptive booklet, which you referred to as having been sent, evidently went astray. At least, it never turned up here. Except for the occasional items that I have seen from time to time in the press , I must confess to a very complete i on the subject of \:arn Springs. Could I not, therefore, some Saturday or Sunday, '1hen I am in Rhinebeck, motor myself up to.."lbany, and naybe even invite myself' to lunch with you and Eleanor? You then could certainly ~i ve me a very much clearer and better picture of your plans for ' ·arm Springs th~n any booklet ever could, and I am sure, from the enthusiasm \lhich you so evidently have for the place, that I shall be really greatly interested. Incidentally, if I ever have the chance of actually seeing you, rather than resorting to correspondence, perhaps I can succeed in inveigling you to some time tr.: out that pool or mine in Rhinebeck. \7il l you or your secretary drop me a l:ine and let me know if you think that ~e can do this? VA:SV Hon. ~ranklin ~. Roosevelt, Governor, State of New York , Albany, New York. Yours faithfully, It- ~GT I EXECU~1 1..., l l JINCENT ASTOR Q 23 WEST 26T_!i STREET Dear Franklin: any thanks for your letter, and even m re so for your and Eleanor's invitation to Helen and me to come and lunch with you in llbillly on Friday of next.reek. It so happens, ho~sver, that November fifteenth is the day 1.hen one more year gets added to my rapidly increasing age, and, as Helen has asked a houseful of people up for the eekend, for the purpose of giving me a birthday party, we could not very well leave t!iem and go aV !ay to Albany at thnt time. On the other hand, on the follo\" Friday, t'.:.e t~'!enty- second, I am sure that r.e co-_i.ld come quite easily. Would this suit you? If not, I, of course, could come down to Hyde Park to see you on any Saturday or Sunday that you expect to be there. VA: S": The Hon. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor, St~te of New Yor~, Albany, New Yor}.. , , ., ... I ;... -- ~ •.• 1
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