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Vincent Astor Reports on Convoys During World War II
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TitleVincent Astor Reports on Convoys During World War II
CreatorVincent Astor
DescriptionVincent Astor provides a report to President Roosevelt concerning the protection of shipping convoys on the Eastern Sea Frontier during the Second World War.
NotesCoordinating the movement of convoys and military ships was not a formal responsibility of Astor's as the Area Controller of New York, but Astor was active in locating Nazi U-boats and steering American vessels away from danger while military vessels would engage the enemy.
Subject.TGMNaval warfare
Subject.lcshRoosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Astor, Vincent, 1891-1959
Personal NameVincent Astor
Franklin D. Roosevelt
LocationNew York - New York
HRVH TopicsPresidents & Politicians
Resource TypeText
SourceFranklin D. Roosevelt, Papers as President: The President's Secretary's File. Box: 92. Folder: Astor, Vincent 1941-1944 and Undated.
Resource IdentifierPSF-VincentAstor_convoy-patrol report.pdf
Publisher.DigitalFranklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Holding InstitutionFranklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Contact Information4079 Albany Post Road
Hyde Park, NY 12538
Rights Items selected from the Roosevelt Library collections for posting on the HRVH website are in the public domain. Please credit the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.
Transcript••2 \ fl tl [ I H£ADOUART£RS EASTERN SEA FltONTlER 90 CHURCH lmtnT NIW YOllll I "" JUl.y 16, l9oJ.2. ~. - ~/-~~-4~ Durin~ our conver11.at1on la.a I;. weei~ sc11cr•11.l q, uin: tlons c.ame. up conc.e'rn1n, :; tho convoy.inf': Df ~e rch11.nt veaae s ~n c;e ~stern SoQ FranttDr , At the ttr1e, I , nrn nat; aure imo of 111y; i;o feel thltt I ooulll ana 1e1• these c.celU'Rt ly. J;cw l 'oelieve t.hllt I c.o.n. :.....;t iES'l' i! C1:.:...S. •. -·"· 1~ !JAY ( 1u:.... As ;::: , ;;o_ :T:~ Dli rn: i, r. , ~au ':. ?.ou· :n l -. 01"7 three do:, ·.. en e~~orted convoy ~ttt :11 froi.1 L:ey.• o t ro~ t~. ChC.!l!ll)lllll:~ ~11] \.; D!lll­poa.:;.: a a J, oy.!.l!!.'1: , -'••a ou oi" e~c:.. hr~!! ol: t.'1.tii!ll D.l'EI acheti'1J.ed to ';.o":e lQ motlli t c.Jlu tne tl'.1rd e knots , , 11.s f'requonc:r. th l! i~ ha boBt thci.t t::..a.i.a11"'.;ern Son d.'ont!l)r can tic 11 ti.. t.i o pre:ae t available m.1rJber or ~cort vo!la ~. 1.n.addition tc t~ aurfRce ahipa, M~art:tr1J ple.n a are ai!lp&.tche!l. wh1tr1Qver ll'l!O.thc!l:' cc:in­di t1011 , ..el"Lll t Ship a •u·! t.h !L a'oed o!' 15' er !:'.Ore ~r;s p~acaad aln~ly on Zig- ~a~ ccUl'aes imq to dnte have boon rel-:i.t1vely fre.e from attack..Sh.i of' O.!la tltan 8 knDts ar~ a.lten rrm:i t...1e ChoBe.pea%e un er ese1ort to Ce.p111 i.oo'.io\d: aml tnen ~o 11lon£; tho Mtr.ipin, ; as loae to t. e 11hore 11.11 their dra!JSht Jl r:nita , r.iaki · ror soJ:te aoeuro anchorage wll;lOnevar po1u11cle prior to clnr!m&.111.111. t\10!!n I;:oy ';'teat e.nci Jaek1 omTill11 theao ship!! ooc.M1ionally p:l"oeeed uneaoortecl but uvo bo1ni 1eld in Ol"t Rt aucl tL~os a..111 tho ~ituntian 1n tne.;1J.or1da 11tr&.1 t11 11pporu•iir1 t:.o be a.11ut1J until Mi 1Heort hoc.a:.:.11 ava.1lo.h s , l et11een Che11a u111rn Ba/ t\rui. he Jllla , 1a.r11 alver.!!hips cth~~ thrut ~~o~o or ~eat drnu:;ht n:ncl/or l1m r~ t: ;iroe od vio. t. oso 11ntor1·1 j 11 an t: c C.h3lle., oit::e and i.rel11'1Ul'e 1..11J10.l. ~ oao pi·o.coollin..:; via the nland i tt1r"Tll.? routo oilv ou:i raq\llre 1.1t1 oooort. '_'hol!o l'01- ~asdln~ out~! a are ln i:iA aQaorted or· aonvor 0Ac~pt for faa• l/~Ba~la. M l - REORJOED UN CLAbciir ;:.. HEADQUARTERS EAStERN SEA l'ltONTIER IO CHUllCH snu:n ?C!W YOIK JUl.y 16. 1942. CA ~ Lu! l3etrrean these potnta there la 11 dai l y oonvoJ aver~31n~ sonewhere bet~ een 12 nd 20 1'1erc!'tant 11001101.. It uc e scort 11.!l la ava.!. nblc...1tl!I canvo roaoel vell alr sun!Jo1•ti 1 1ch ~oner 11J ( :re t~ er perr.rl. t t n, c) inolu bl1m1 rrm:1 L i'. ura , , n, ;l. n.ntl rii t ey rocelve p \l'e:ia~ pl11ne llU · ~lnml SoWi.t.l l 11! ~nseboUJ d convo; (known 011 ') 1 c:o s!11t~ Cl h.a JllJl~' a5 SQ a pa 11nd oper teo ouoo o. ·eel· e acorted b~· Cll!ladl n vul l'oraes cons stlnc or de11tro· rn ruld corvott:i.e at1 viell u.s s 1e , .::.. pl p ot;octio , .. ic::. inc U\Jes , 1. en possHi e , e i 1:n 0 t;Le 'Ieat 111.r - or tne ln rna.!:1onnJ. atiundary Line bhl.'.l convoy 1s wider tm1 control o'" t e ::: stern l:le.l''roat !.er , a d i;o t: a., .t•;;nra it ' irect d !J c.nlld11m forces. Upc n.rrivaJ. 1n H&J.1fll.l ue r c~ant vess la join tht! t r ens -.tlc tic convo scent o~er tin, -:: i'O.llu1 a o.~ 1011e, l!:omroy nvo b on n:1 - 0 low:i : REOR, t.DED UNCL. '- ; , , ... ~: L.s co1;11on.:'ot11l ow ;.i r t.n.n!tar:i ::.t.o.:ot:o. mm.oo Cfil'~""'...., 2g QOOd.~ r t nod - 2 - HEADQUARTERS EASTERN SEA FltOHT1£1t IO CHUllCH sntUT l CllrGO c:nr.;o l clll'Cti llllkar NIW YOMC.sAl. ' sunk i)y n.im1. - I.lLU;i:;i.~ 00 , torpedoed. a:nu SWll:. - Cliii..01Ul:, bor:iedoed., .r.r.d. lnl er tt1Md (Jul:; l, :j). il. l:O', !:~ , torpedoed , t1.nd lll1ned ( J\1l lw) I l col;'IOYS i:rs s i.11n:- , ;a.., - l - , l l=t42. 'i'o ci nte 20 aailin.::;:a.. ':'ota.l mm'ber to.: ':era 92 " ot11 numb r cuc;oea 20 Gran ':'ot al 312 !Ji s tre ti.ti : 2 n - t:sso 1 'IJST 1'l and aoas;;i 'I' _ u:, strack l!11.no3 , both ta;ren lnto port. Di:LA:ofu"1B "Ji..Y i ( sou:nmom :iJ l :.Wtbnr of sh1p11 oonvoye ;io il!t. :!IHI ( Ol"'i'SIDJ!!J l4 J :il..SAPEA, .., Bi Y iu lJ3r.A', j'iu'"ill (OUT::JilJi:) (.Io, t'l'i!:BOIJilll) :Jumhor of sll1pa convo:r d Ho l:llstress 171.:..." , , :i'(;.t : 0 :i::u:, ;..1.E lY ( SOU L'H301Jl:D ) :;w;iboI' of 11111~11 convoyed 84G l:o D1s tr11~:1 u~r..~·....... 1_ ll.. •.: TU ;:.r. r ::ex: ( ro..ootr.:D) l1Ulllb~ I' or 11111 ;nJ o onvoycul. 6Z2 Dl11tre&11 : WEU\~~.or - , r~~.-iS-:-t..10, :;:.., 11 a rn~-.., .11u.• J tor_ t!.o and lo t •... 0:111011 bo t:;, ·roon. ! an·., .: F.oo.: G:i_::m Cad 0 -.3 - " •.: ·:, ::.. r. r:t, . ~: l HEAOQU, tRTERS EASTERN SQ F'kUiri id., . ~ -...; :. r.i l fa..U IO CHUICH ST'ltRI' HIW 'l'OllK July is , l 042 n. ~O!iVOYS fot!ll nurl'.l4'l' tnnl:ors OO:J · ota.1 n n o&• ct.11'...;oos ~ G!'and ~·'° t:ll il2 2 car..:;ces - 1~0:7 t1 I~, ... B:i, 11. s r.O. ! ~l1n•, ot"p!ldood 11nd ta.:en int a port ;, u:::;.:;.::1), ::::i. -ACO)B, 111 11t1•11, i:- er• tor­pe4oed lo~t. •Jl'o.nd 'fotnl to dat-e : r:s - 3E!l a... - 3 2 BX - 412 r.ros 10 ata.l. Loall!!11!1. OOvt:! 'L"';J.oro P.I'!l al110 i.:.l a ·ollo in.; convc:.• !!love­::' •.ont:i Into tli.:..r.storn ::.aa ~at.:. er.rroo othoi' pof.nt:i ; eo:nra~~ trot HnlU'1ui:: to :lo11 ti on ::id ul1 con·1oya.!'rOJ:l ~ · o Lnl ~1'.l i. •..:n_:don to i•ort' :..-io:::"icru1 porta, iTnorti l:uivu b!'.111n no 10~11 :i ir.i m: eo~vo:;-:i , •1 t~ th(J.'.:n11tol'n :iEnl -• -ontior. ~., o C?a..t'_;:i.!lh..ipa ,;.._::: = :c.-{.? :, (:;[Q, , _, :.;(J;, . u'D •!J t.or_.lldOOU £Ll\i.; :Jwt:: ln nl'! , .:J C!lrlVC;, " rd t.hln L. o.::C.nt~I'n.:.ic1:1 "'rcmt1er In tllo lo t..l -iova:'!Jllte umler escort bet·;, cen Cr.po 1.ocl, ou [l.n · t:ia ~naa ;1eo.:u1 , 10 c~r~o 11hip11, J, llit.L 11m.1.. J imw, . bav:2 be on torpodoetl 1:..n 11w1:lc. su:111al'iz.b.~ t.111 t1.hov it a, ..1mnra t_111.t. 14 11 ii-~ :.:..vo bao.-. a j;:JcC. to a.: ot• nit one;.q o1no111 , ;Jul n oonvo~· ·jitthln th() Las i 1n•n l: en.?ront1er n.nd a or t~e~, ~nv~ b~en lost. - ' - I• HEADQUARTERS EASTERN SEA FRONTIER 10 CHURCH STIIDll' NNYORIC !n acidl ti on to t:1e1:1 loasos , Len 11h.1.p11 (not tnclu L - t ·.10 =- na:tl., ~ boats ·, 1h1ol1 ior it el eti) ho..•, •13 bil"!ln sun, : !n tL.e ~1u teri· Se ;;Tontior Bi nee i n7 lat 11.B a resul. t or attc.o:: or onot.l'/ mno. All o t:Le1111.11 i!.;.ia ·1oioo Jl!'Oooodln.... 11 n.;l , tuo , ·.1:... lO'::I::­- · ~....: a d c- v:? a.x~-::;n;, _, , l au oi.'1g1 oocort c_.!._1:1. ·ovan \fore outbound, one beln.;; an r:;entino ahlp ndepem.lentl, y :routed. 'i.'!1roe ""ere inboun.d and their rout1:n..... illll not !IUbj c~ l;o control o!" t: ll J:a.atu•n ~eQ ~ l'On t i0.1' :, ::.i nt!o _or. p av' ou::ill ~ two 11hlp11, tho _ o;J.r r o:i.::: 11.mi t e :m;;•;n:-- , ~el" torpedoed on Ju y ~ ~ and aubseque:itly ran into our o.m Cap He.ttaraa l'll.1ne field~ ~1eae aompnrnt1vel 1 ~t losses 111 at t;lic point probabl~· lend ou to Ail~t he cause 11nd loelll.11;; or tr. ver" ee.V3' recent destruction of :shipp n~ "ln the /, e1 nnt1e '. It cM• did r:ie. l an not tr •l:1r to concoct nl.ibis _or tl:;e Eastern ::i11a frontier. but t~o tno~ ao~a r ecuiin th~t tho ovoi-- h elttln.... n r1 t ai' :rec Jnt s1nldn..;:i l t v" bes of G_ ".!~ aver 1: ic dnirll, l. •t.:ulJ.•eris o.nd this ate.ff have no "i:: antrol ·\·1:'1.c. tever. L~' Cl!' a, ;: : a.via 'oe.en sh:t, !I, rw.• ofr11 oro,"1in ain:;lJ, DRdt n ao-;!l cll.l!tls , rout~d b~- t.119.Elri th?'!. T'1 s is ::10:10 thin.;: ho. L 111 \le;-ond m:, - !" elc:l ~: u is n 11u~ eo ~ , ;h.ioh !'or obv ou:!l reniion!l 1 have no, t; loo!tod ~nto •.:;o.;;-...~........-;.;..-..:.=;..;:...;;..;;.;:.;..-::::.:.:.:..:;;;;.;;.;.~;;;;;;.., :;~:.:.:;:;:.:.;.~. 1I... Ii A l:no i REGRADEn UNCL.-".b.: lf..... -. '.. EADoUARTERS USTERN SEA FRONTIER to C14UllCH ITWltt N"IEW YOU.rul:r 16, 1942 D~T •• rc t o:· o:- :.:HE! Y.. L' :.-c;;!....... ore "Jer­ha. ps tr..o :.iiatern :lee. Fr.on"thr anci. the.\rr.iy : r orce 1. lch a nar in£:; 1n conjunction, ara doln[: bettor than s r onoro.lly ree.11::.od, due~ p0ul bly, to tho1r beine; over-oonnervntlve in wak1n~ el aixs. Only tLr ee enemy u arin.os a.r e no boine; c l aimed. as sure 11k1lla" by this co=imd.. cou'l nnrtlly las~ since l n these particular oa~oa de c.d bad en and 11vo ~r1sone rs 111erre fi iU:i.oi:i. up. I IL'll enclosing , in r opei; that you \'fil l tlnd it ln t l!!'t'o~tine and ~ l eaaan t r eading, Jartial copies or ::m;1m7 :.ct1on :Jla.r ltt for July 15tl1 an(! 14 The ;in o.. c.plUl Vlhloh I cnnr!red woul d, I t hink , 1n~i cate to oven the cost 011nil:t1at c that soiie of these s~ba are unlikely ever to roturn to e and ~lt l er. Tl ere t~va been a nttarlbor or e1n1 1ar rovabl e caeea ln t he pa3t. I.n connoct!on \'l'1 th this sor t of thin 11.nd other c:iatter , •~hethe r s olnz ~iell ar ot orw1so, I wonder if it 1ould no-t be of 1ntoro t to vou to nck i'Ld.".'lir nl :....... ·rem~1 to aen :-ou ovor::;• :.o ofte 11 roct and. UJi., . o£1'1c1a l' l)ort on h~m th1n, c;a arc i;;oinr;..•or. npa t:Jis ~ u~~ ~etion 1:; too ca ntrnl'11" to pro t ocol to be ~ractleab l o.. lthau~.n•otoco doos ee..'!! n.s compared to ·llnnin•· thia wa:r. certn!til - never...-ou d c:lo tt.ia un-l o~ :s. 7ou 1n:itruc tad hla to. i. y e.11 om.en abaor ve:r !'l.eot la n.ov a onl.y build n u an!!. i::otnr r:iore or leGn ll r1~-h.... I eor­t! l.:!. n l !l;J?t'!.lcic. te your stop_ in[: i'urthcr cqui s1 t i on. 01 t ho f!:ihln:: bolltn , !"or t tho. encl oi' act \'10c l: 1 t did loo}:: all t ou~ tUJ't:i'..or 1.nrond ~1ould. not onl:, - de pr i ve nll or :'l'tdr.:.• r at. ut slnl· n: c;ro t coru:a:ndl On Dover·_ ocent occn.:iions. Liu'au!:;h r u( io reports , 1t baa ) Nlvol!. 1 t11 u.eetul m.1ee. REG t' ":D UN CL1-.b , ~!.J HEADOUARTERS UST£RN KA f'RONTIER IO CllUICH ITllDr NEW YORK July 16, 1942 P.\OClT.LJ.r....::·T :.:m c:: a..m.:101: OP YAC!r Aa OU mow, rcaUed Gro.eo '.l'UI'.l'.y e:storUBJ concern.lnu tho d1 ft'lcult)' ot pr ocuring ana.11-., but nevertno e:H1 a.ult tile, motorbo t.111 ror ~11trol ;i-ur1)0:111::1. ::ere arc the r cte nbout this. ~ ving located se ercl boate ca b o of operc n under vor~ge r1Vnther conditions I a::i~red thl:i Col'lll;l.ll.n (•.. ' the·- did li:m!edia tely) i1l r~quont the procur~rtent of one ~hich, due to her ex­cellent c:on i ion, co '1d be o! 1nr, ed1o.te use 1n connec­t! on ""1 ti'!. thei fl shinG tiee t and i.hen be u11o!'U.l. for patro pU:rpo on. D!.reetor' ra~ort de crlbo~ thl~ bo~t ne bo1~6 5 root long; bu1 t in 936 nt one of f;r.e b11 t.rlll'da il re-p101Yereli 1 st ~·e!ll' li th b;ro.nd no'A' t 1n- ecre' uienel n nee ·1v1n~ a crai~ln B?eed or 1.2 tmo t11 o.nd 11 no.x ~ of' 14. :S; and rw-tnor des er bins ~er as boin~ stur 1ly con~tructod, ell raat~n~d, Dnd !' eou:tp:1ed. 'i'· ore C!!.n.'1ot be t sli:htest quost1on 01· t: 11 little boat l:lain~ c pable o!' clU."ryin:; d.e~itl cilar5oll a.nd, 11'1 V e•;:i of o..-'OC!t'l, droppin:; th I in :i;o. "oty to :er11 t..Io 1ever, : ~ _;mt na.a turned 'o i.l:r the Join oorc~t ve;..ael board ill , ;i;i.l!l't".iin to If t. '11.!.s to be •the ro, sul11r ?raoeduro I cann t h ~' u r l t LC 7 , a all bo do~rlvod or 4 cortnln nunbor or boa ta tr..nt r;r ca. able or uo.o!\tl a.e:rvlco ·.. incl.or ver­a o oncilt1on:l n rnmy o nt!l a cm_ tnia Att'"11r l , , ;iclre :i 1a cort.rU.nly U.oing s best to proc\ll'e b Jo.t:i ,! several. ~dred , Jl'i'l.•nte l ;, r O\'med J 01te : v oeon on 1sted aa vo untoor patrols in tr~ Co t a~rd.eBervu. ut ta lUto tho acove. who:ro net 11.l ;Jrocurer.tor: t ror the l:~v: •:1.11.a lnvolv d, .. low· o.. tmd r.!L~o tho jo\J ~ o:re d.'..ftict 1 t. REGRADED UNt, .L...... b~11'" •..C:J
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